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We hired Betsey to work with our son. He has ADD; time management and organization are things he struggles with. We weren’t sure what to expect or if Betsey would be able to give him the push he needs. We have been delighted with the results we are seeing. Betsey has done wonders with him. His grades have significantly improved, he’s completing projects and homework on time. He’s excited about learning because he’s getting better grades and I don’t think he feels so overwhelmed because Betsey helps him plan and schedule for the week and makes sure he’s meeting his goals. I’m not sure what magic she’s working but we are so grateful for Betsey!

-Mother of a college freshman client

"Betsey offers a professional, insightful, intelligent approach to her life coaching methodology with fresh perspectives and a personal touch."-- Mary

"Betsey's passion for life and her ability to easily discover others' strengths and passions is what makes her a great life coach.  Her patience, empathetic personality, and the way in which she can so easily relate to any situation are what make her a perfect advocate for students transitioning into the real world.  Beyond being an effective advocate for students, her background in law gives her the analytical skills needed to aid anyone searching for the 'next thing' or the 'best thing.'  If you or someone you know is looking for someone to help map out life, Betsey is the one to seek out."-- Louise

"If I could envision my ideal person to open up to and let my guard down for, Betsey is that person. When it comes to life coaching from a client perspective, half the battle is finding the coach who truly connects with you and a place where your thoughts are safe. Betsey goes above and beyond to not only make her clients feel comfortable, but each session is a positive progression to discovering your best self. Betsey's method of coaching has completely changed my life in the best way possible." -- Elizabeth

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