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Life coaching is a relationship between two individuals/entities, a coach and a client; all power lies with the client.  Each individual ultimately knows what is best for himself or herself; sometimes, we just need some "coaching" to figure out what that best ultimately is. 


I understand SO much how challenging it is identifying and setting goals, much less implementing the right possible steps to achieve those goals. 


How many times have you had great ideas but failed to plan specifically and were ultimately dissatisfied with the results?

That's where I come in.  Whether you are an individual or a company of individuals, I can help.  


As a life coach, I work one on one with clients to help them set realistic goals and implement the right plans to achieve those goals. 


For five years, I taught college classes as an adjunct instructor. Throughout those years, I taught close to 50 classes, about 800 students. I enjoyed working with students and realized a specific need amongst colleges for academic coaches.


As an academic coach, I have worked individually with numerous college students who have needed that extra encouragement to set goals, manage time and schedules, and plan for success.


I have watched students, both inside and outside the classroom, fulfill their dreams within their college world. 


Due to Covid-19, my in-person clients and I in 2020 were forced to meet remotely/online rather than face to face. What started as nerve-racking for many due to the distance became a source of success. What a joy watching them succeed during an international pandemic!

Sound like something you may be interested in or want more information about?  Shoot me an email.  Let's figure this out together; and consultations are free.

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